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GFELLER-EICKHOFF Internatsberatung is fully committed and coordinated in effort with our partner schools and agencies.

Mary Gfeller-Eickhoff

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I was born in 1962 in the United States of America and completed my High School education in 1981. I continued my studies at the University of North Dakota in pre-med and at the University of Minnesota, Duluth I was awarded my university degree specializing in Dental Hygiene (1986).
Eventually, I moved to Minneapolis, MN where I worked in private a practice and continued studying at the U of M, Minneapolis before moving to Basel, Switzerland in 1990. I am married to a Swiss and have two grown daughters, the eldest completing her Masters degree in London, England and the younger working on her Bachelors in Lausanne, Switzerland. My native language is English and I speak German and Swiss-German fluently, as well as, conversational Italian.
Over the past 25 years, I have integrated fully into all aspects of life and culture in Switzerland. My personal experience has heightened my sensitivity to living, working and studying in a foreign environment making me adherently aware of the student’s process of immersion in a foreign country’s life, culture and education!

My personal motto reflects our common goal.
Ana Duo: Together. We can find the best choice for your child!

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