Herzlich Willkommen bei Ihrer sehr persönlichen Internatsberatung in der Schweiz

Dear Parents

Education is very important to us and more importantly, the path and experience of getting the best education for your child! If you are considering an alternative such as a private boarding school immersed in the English language and culture, tailored to your child’s academic needs and potential then, we are here to advise you. We offer you knowledge, care and expertise toward enrolling your child in the UK where independent boarding schools are well-geared to recognise your child’s academic ability and potential. It is important that a student is integrated so that each individual has the chance to mature and grow into a well-rounded, capable and independent young adult. Furthermore, England is packed with history and culture, art, music and converges with the latest innovations in design technology and application of education in today’s competitive world.
No matter what you’re looking for or whatever your experience has been, we can help you make a positive change by selecting the best match for your child’s future!

Ana Duo—together, we can find the right choice!
Mary Gfeller-Eickhoff

Mary is very interested in people: her desire to seek and determine individuals’ interests and potential helps her clients to determine the right choice for their education and a positive sense of well-being in life. Mary engages closely with the families to direct and select the right educational institution where the student’s academic experience is broadened and improved keeping a realistic and reachable end-goal in sight.

Mary was born in 1962 in the United States of America where she attended and graduated from public schools through completion of her University studies. After a few years in her profession, Mary moved from the USA to Switzerland for a position in 1990. Mary has lived in Switzerland for more than 25 years and quickly learned the local dialect which has allowed her to fully integrate into Swiss culture and community. Mary is married to a Swiss and has two daughters who have received their primary and secondary education in Switzerland. The eldest was awarded her High School diploma (‘Swiss Matura’) in 2011 before moving to London, England, where she currently is finishing her Master’s Degree (UAL/LCF). The younger completed her High School diploma (Swiss ‘FMS’) and ‘fast-track’ A-Levels (private school) in 2014 and has started her Bachelor’s degree in February 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland (EHL).

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