What we do for you and your child

What we do for you and your child

In order to make a clear assessment of your child and get an impression of their individual needs, we will arrange a personal consultation with you and your child. We will evaluate their current school situation, consider the wishes of your child and develop an optimum approach to the selection process.
Since there are multiple (23 Cantons and 3 half-Cantons) school systems in Switzerland, the cases are handled on a one-by-one basis to ensure the right steps are taken when deciding on how long to study abroad, which classes to take, etc. and to be able to facilitate a successful re-entry into the Swiss school system or for entry into higher education.
The British school system will be explained in detail and we will discuss your concerns. Within our personally selected partner schools, we will find the best fit for your child’s unique profile and accompany you through the process with you—personally, step-by-step.
It’s our pleasure to support you in your decision-making and continue to be of assistance during your child’s entire stay in Great Britain, no matter how long or short it may be.

Together, we will prepare your child’s assessment requirements: personal statement, two most recent academic reports, Math entrance examination and English language level. We will send this detailed application package representing your child to the schools of your interest for their consideration and evaluation.
After the boarding schools complete the assessment of the applicant, they will send either a declination for further consideration or their ‘invitation’ to meet with your child. Although, a trip to the schools is not compulsory, we highly recommend that you visit the ‘selected’ schools personally and accompany your child for the interview process. It’s important for you to get a first-hand impression of the school, staff, housing, cafeteria, etc. Alternatively, the interview could be handled via Skype. In this case, you will have made your own impressions about the schools from pictures seen on their websites, testimonies from students, a word from the headmaster or headmistress, etc. Additional services are available for the agent to travel with you upon request and availability. Regardless, we strongly advise that you and your child present yourselves in person---it makes a world of difference.
Following your return, we will meet together to ‘filter out’ yours and your child’s preferences. At the same time (or even prior to your visit), one or more concrete offers from the schools may be given to your child. At this point, it is crucial to reserve your child’s place at his or her favourite school. In order to do this, you must complete and submit the official ‘Registration Form’ to the school along with the ‘Application/Registration Fee’ (generally GBP 150). This will be mailed off immediately to insure that your child gets into the school of their ‘first-choice’ for the desired start of term.
The final step before packing a suitcase with all the necessary and comfort items is to say farewell to family and friends. Clearly, there will be some other transitioning details and loose ends to tie up before departing.
Thanks to Wi-Fi connections in the schools, you can keep in close contact and ‘see’ each other via Skype or FaceTime. Settling in varies from student to student but, before you know it, you’ll planning a mid-term trip home.
If you are unable to accompany your child or wish for our presence during the entry into the school, we will do everything we can to accommodate you child’s safe arrival and settling in. We remain available to you and your child for advice and support for the duration of your child’s education abroad.

Every child is unique and we acknowledge this fully---that’s why we advise and counsel you extensively and individually. Therefore, the length of stay is individually determined for each student.
So, the answer to this question depends on many factors, yet, one thing is certain. Whether a child stays for only 3 months or for 3 years, they will most definitely benefit from their stay in England!
Short stays of 1-2 Terms provide the student with an impression of boarding school life and they most often can return seamlessly into their class from which they left. During a short-stay, they will have attained a ‘taster’ experience of the English language, boarding-life and seen a glimpse of British culture.
An academic year (3 terms) is ideal for students who wish to achieve a fluency level in reading, speaking and writing in English. The school days are academically well-structured and rounded out with sport and leisure time activities. The regular school day includes scheduled ‘prep-time’ with the support of tutors for completing their homework assignments. Along with a close interaction with teachers/tutors, lasting friendships are formed and independent learning becomes a naturally occurring side effect! Two years or a ‘longer stay’ ideally covers the completion of the student’s GCSEs (UK year 10 & 11, ages 14 & 15) or their A-level/IB* diploma (equivalent of the *’Swiss Matura’). This is the optimal preparation for University studies, regardless if the student chooses to remain in the UK, return to Switzerland or pursue higher education elsewhere in the world. All students, short-stay or longer, leave the school better prepared to enter their next phase in life with a greater level of self-confidence and prepared for wider range of opportunities!

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